What conditions are outside of the warranty?

What conditions are outside of the warranty?

The warranty will automatically be deemed invalid under the following conditions:

  • If on the first repair, after the washing machine has exceeded the 3-month warranty period.
  • the washing machine has a different problem to the earlier one covered by the warranty period.
  • The washing machine was repaired or modified by non-Fixes engineers.
  • Washing machine has been wrongly operated, carelessly used, or damaged due to an accident caused by human behaviour or natural disasters.

When the repair is outside of warranty period, we will provide a new quotation to the customer, this may involve an on-site inspection and repair fees. In any extreme situations, the engineer has the righs to refuse to do the repair. We reserve the right to make the final decision on this.

But please do not worry, it is very rare for problems to occur with washing machines after repair, and our warranty policies are much more flexible compared with other washing machine repair companies. We look forward to seeing your washing machine to work with you on a long term basis.